Movement To Save Seattle’s “Up” House

Kickstarter campaign has been started to save a Seattle building that has drawn comparisons to the home featured in the movie, “Up”. Over $200,000 is needed by September 15th to move the home via a barge to Orcas Island.

From Yahoo News:

The house, located in Seattle’s Ballard neighborhood, became famous when its elderly owner, Edith Macefield, famously refused an offer of $1 million from real estate developers. Macefield stayed in the home until her death in 2008 at age 86 and developers built around her home.
When the commercial development’s concrete walls sprung up around Macefield’s house, an old farmhouse, the home drew comparisons to the home of balloon salesman Carl Fredricksen in the 2009 animated Disney movie “Up,” earning it the nickname, the “Up house.”

The creepy talking dog featured in the movie was unavailable for comment.


Finding New Buildings in the Dust of the Old

With the continued and growing emphasis on sustainability in construction, we could be on the verge of a radical shift in how we think about the current stock of buildings. The time may be coming when we stop planning for building replacement, and instead plan for building reuse. That in turn would significantly change the roles of designers, builders and structure removal specialists, like Midwest Wrecking.

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