Wrigley Field Construction Update

UnknownNot only are the Chicago Cubs re-designing their roster this off-season, they are making significant changes to The Friendly Confines. Don’t worry, the traditional feel of the old ballpark will remain the same, at least when you get to your seat. Bleed Cubby Blue (a great fan site) has an update on the progress here.



Emanuel Wants Construction Set-aside Program Extended Until 2020

While most of the city’s attention has been turned to other issues, Mayor Rahm Emanuel has introduced an ordinace to extend the construction set-aside program for an additional five years until Dec. 2020.

The program, which has been under much scrutiny since 2005 after a federal judge ordered increased transparency,  provides protected access to minority and disadvantaged groups such as blacks, hispanics, and women.

The ordinance justifies extending the contract set-asides based on studies and consultations with renowned economists and industry experts. It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.


Frank Lloyd Wright Home May Be Spared From The Wrecking Ball

A historic Highland Park Frank Lloyd home may have been spared from the wrecking ball. The owners, Juan and Claire Montenegro applied and received a permit for conditional demolition of the home that had been listed since 2011. Ten days after the permit was issued, the home was finally sold. The new owners intend to live in the home. Chicagobusiness.com has a great synopsis of the whole ordeal here.


Mrs. O’Leary’s Cow Influencing O’Hare Airport

It’s been nearly a century and a half since Mrs. O’Leary’s cow started the Great Chicago Fire, but the animal is still influencing construction going on at O’Hare airport. Since the Great Fire, Chicago has extremely stringent fire safety when it comes to free standing towers. The $28 million South Air Traffic Control Tower will need to have two enclosed fire escape stairwells which has made the design challenging. Chicago construction news has a great article here. O’Leary, O’Hare, O’My!


Water Tower Hall Of Fame

Midwest Wrecking Company specializes in removing water towers and structures. Our five decades of experience ensures that we’ll complete your project safely and on budget. We are especially adept at clearing away tanks that are still functioning and are difficult to access.

Here are some water tanks that we would hate to remove:


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Things Are Looking Up for the Historic Otis Elevator Warehouse

Things are looking up (sorry) for the historic Otis Elevator Warehouse located in the city’s Pilsen neighborhood. DNA Info reports that a plan is underway to transform the vacant 130,000 square foot building into a multi-unit residential structure.

According to DNA Info:

The warehouse, originally constructed in phases between 1900 and 1905 by the Otis Elevator Co., was used for the manufacturing of elevator cabs, according to Cedar Street. The building, located just north of the BNSF railroad tracks and the Pilsen neighborhood, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Speaking of elevators, if you need to remove an elevator shaft safely and cost effectively, call Midwest Wrecking Company at 312-666-1043. We’ve been Chicago’s Wrecking Crew since 1952.


Lucky 21: Almost Two Dozen Highrises Currently Under Construction in Chicago

Highrises seem to be all the rage in Chicago. Currently there are 21 high-rises under construction within the city limits. What’s great for the construction industry might spell trouble for the rental market. While estimates vary, the building boom may produce up to 5,000 new rental/condo units. Are we heading towards a rental bubble in the next few years? 

One of our favorite blogs, Curbed Chicago has a great wrap-up of what’s going on: