Interior Demolition

Planning on renovating and upgrading a large manufacturing or industrial space? Midwest can help. We’re experts in interior wall, ceiling and flooring removal, and selective structural demolition.

Partial and Surgical Demolition

IMG_2102Certain projects only require a portion of a building or structure to be removed, and Midwest Wrecking Company utilizes the utmost attention to detail and safety for such projects. Midwest’s Estimators and Project Managers approach each project by analyzing the property and surroundings, properly preparing all structures for demolition, coordinating a schedule to perform work in or nearby an active operating facility, and leaving the job site in a structurally safe manner. Midwest takes care of everything from start to finish so that their clients can provide their vision and sit back as they get that fulfilled.

Part Of A Team

We take pride in being a trusted business partner, working along side architects, developers and builders. We’ll ensure your project is done in a timely and cost effective manner.

Examine Architectural Drawings

Our experts will examine all architectural drawings and make sure every thing is done safely and efficiently. We’ll outline everything that needs to be done before we begin.

Final Bid and Cost Reporting

After we examine the drawings and walk through the structure, we will submit a bid for the project. We’ll itemize all costs and make sure all your questions are answered.

Permit application and acquisition

We’ll apply, acquire and make sure all permits are obtained and are in order. We’re experts in this often frustrating and time-consuming process. Midwest Wrecking will make sure your project will be in compliance with all laws and regulations.

Completion and Final Inspection

Once we’ve completed your project on time and within budget, we’ll do a final inspection. We’ll be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have. We pride ourselves in making sure your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Hotel and Hospitality Selective Demolition

Over the years, we have worked on some of Chicago’s most iconic hotels. We’ve been entrusted to preserve the integrity and rich history of famed landmarks, such as, The Palmer House and The Intercontinental Hotel. We’re experts in selective interior demolition to facilitate hotel and hospitality renovation upgrades.

Hospital and Healthcare

By 2030, almost twenty percent of Chicago’s population will be over sixty-five years old. Expansions in the healthcare industry are imminent and Midwest Wrecking will be there to help. We’ve helped upgrade and renovate hospitals, clinics and assisted living facilities throughout the city.

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An overview of of how Midwest Wrecking can help you with your next project.

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